As there are numerous brands who are offering smart phones in the market, selecting the best smartphone out of them can be a quiet daunting task. However, it is important to have a look and compare the features of different types of smartphones before purchasing. This can help you in getting a phone according to your needs and budget.

Talking about the online stores, if you want to get tips on purchasing a good smartphone at a low price, here's 'how to get extra savings on Amazon’ (also called as 'Ecco come ottenere un risparmio extra su Amazonin Italian language).

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Firstly Know Your Needs

People of different age groups have different needs when it comes to smartphones. A person who is young and social require a phone that features a high-quality camera and possesses media capabilities. An entrepreneur or businessman needs a phone that involves connectivity options.

Decide on an Operating System

Today most of the smartphones run on Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry operating system. Though Android based smartphones are more popular than others. Every operating system offers different functionality. You can choose the OS according to your need.


The size of the screen is your personal priority, but the average size used by most of the customers is 4.0”. If you want you can find a smartphone of bigger or smaller screen on Amazon. Smartphones having a resolution of 300ppi or more provides better visibility.


This is the most important concern to all the smartphone buyers. Today, you can now find a smartphone that fits your budget easily. Features of the smartphone vary according to the price. So the amount of money that you want to spend will decide the kind of smartphone you end up buying.