In this article, we will discuss the basic facts about relief from your chronic back pain. In most of the counties after headache, back pain is the most widespread neurological complaint. Any pain that persists for more than 90 days is considered to be a chronic condition. Remember, to determine chronic pain is often difficult and it is frequently progressive. As increase in age, the risk of lower back pain disease also increases.

Nowadays, doctors have found out the treatment for the low back pain. It can also be treated with medications no matter the pain is acute or chronic. Without surgery also back pain is treatable. This may involve the combination of prescribed drugs and over-the-counter. Before taking any drug for your ongoing chronic pain relief, make sure you have consulted your doctor before because it can be dangerous during pregnancy as it may cause side-effects like drowsiness and it can lead to liver damage as well.

Some of the anti-inflammatory pain relievers are also available in the market that includes naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin. These medicines can also reduce the swelling, inflammation, and stiffness. It also often ease the lower back pain mild to moderate. Likewise, anti-inflammatory pain relievers anticonvulsants are also used in treating seizures and may give benefit in treating nerve pain.

Few counter-irritant rubbing creams or sprays are also available that can reduce the pain if we apply them on nerves as it provides the feeling of cold or warmth to the nerve. Similarly, topical analgesics can also increase the blood flow and decrease the inflammation. As these compounds contain salicylates which are an ingredient that is used in oral pain medicines.

For effective pain relief, some new antidepressants are under study such as SSRIs. It has also been observed that few antidepressants have helped in decreasing the pain and elevating the mood.

In the case of severe acute chronic lower back pain, some opioids like oxycodone, morphine, hydrocodone and codeine can be helpful, but only for a short period of time and it should be prescribed by the doctor as these opioids may have severe side-effects. Some specialists have also said that use of such drugs can be harmful to the patient as it can increase depression and even increase the pain.

If above-mentioned methods doesn’t help in improving the back pain condition then patients may look for the alternative treatment for their back pain such as biofeedback, acupuncture, and some interventional therapies that may range from local injections of steroids, anaesthetics or narcotics into their affected area. But, use of these chronic steroid injections may provide harm to an individual’s functioning.

In the case of vertebrae fractures that are caused by osteoporosis then for that approaches like traction, ultrasound, TENS and various outpatient treatments are available.  Some of these approaches or techniques were once in trend but now most of the specialist doesn’t recommend it. At last, you yourself are the best source for finding out the best approach and options. All you have to do is the proper research and ask as many questions as you can. You can take help of Back Solutions Clinic in this regard.

The last solution for the relief from pain could be the surgery. However, the recovery is slow in this process and also there are chances of losing flexibility because surgery is a protruding procedure and is not always be successful.