Toddler beds – Choose from a sofa bed and a cot for your little involves some factors long term for you and some adjustment factors for your child. Space evaluation: Determine if you have space for a double or full-size on your child's room bed. The great leap to a sofa bed: Independent toddlers can get in and out of the sofa beds for themselves and modern bars do not prevent. If you decide on a sofa bed for your child, place a stool or ottoman beside the toddler beds and help him get used to this idea.

KidKraft – Across this website, you'll find that we've given KidKraft's range of products the most space and that's no surprise considering the range of their products. You'll easily find that they sell beds focused around a large number of themes, including race cars, boats, trains and just about anything else. A particular product that we're a fan of in KidKraft's range is their Modern Toddler Bed. It's a bit different to the average kid's bed, largely because of its stylish design that won't look out of place in your home. Whatever type of toddler bed you're looking for, you'll almost certainly find something that suits your needs within KidKraft's range.

Like the Orbelle, the Dream on Me Elora toddler bed features supportive, wooden slats beneath the mattress. In spite of this bed's 50-pound weight limit, owners note that they are able sit on the bed with no problems and that the bed withstands rough child's play as well. The Dream on Me Elora is made of solid wood and offers a stand-out feature that many other models do not: two convenient, under-the-bed storage drawers. Potential purchasers should note that the drawers, while a nice touch, are not very deep, as the distance between the bed and the floor is a matter of inches.

How about treating your kid with a bedding set that draws inspiration from nautical themes, displays bright and bubbly images of the pirate life and fills their world with dreams about traveling the world? Or maybe you want them to enjoy sports just as much as you do and one day end up signing deals from Nike and Adidas? Well, these bedding designs are great for all of that or simply putting out a room that uses pirate or sports themes!

My first initiative was to buy different bedding sets that could be mixed and matched. Modern baby bedding usually has three variations of color. So it didn't matter that the bedding sets were different designs as long as they had a coordinating color. With this thought in mind, the design options were endless. The bedding styles ranged from eclectic to neat, and the geometric patterns tied the different styles together.