If you are in dilemma of purchasing a used car that need not worry about the condition of the car, even the used car will save a lot of your money as compared to a new car.

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You have to follow the below-given steps to get an appropriate car within your budget:

If you have decided to buy used cars on loan, then your loan should not be above 20 percent of your take home pay.

Make a list of used cars among which you will purchase one. Cars like Toyota and Honda Accord are much costlier as compared to Ford Fusion. So if you want to save your money then explore various car brands and then select the one which is affordable.

While purchasing your second-hand car you can filter your search by factors like price and features, Dealer's distance, etc. You can also visit the online websites where you can get a variety of cars at different prices.

While purchasing a used car it is essential to go through the history of the car. This history will let you know about the car’s condition so far. There are sources which help in knowing the history of the car that is AutoCheck and Carfax. So following the above steps will surely buy you a used car according to your set budget.